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I finished the knitted skull and embroidered it. Not as pleased with the knit (the green yarn didn't play ball as well as the off white). But here it is:

Cool! I've never uploaded to YouTube before.
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I failed to make anything new on Thursday, but did appreciate how part of Quentin Blake's skill is in implying the skeleton (and sometimes skeletal) within a creature.

Also, I amended, again, the translation:

Whatevers! in these sluggish times
That give nor joy nor shame to mull
The sole solution to our crimes:
The smiling rictus of the skull.

I think this is the finished version, although I dislike line two and would love to come up with a better.
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So, after an abortive search for an old piece of calligraphy I did based round the Verlaine "Quatrain" and in a week where I was dealing with arranging translations at work, I fell to thinking about attempting a translation myself.

Et voilà:

That was Tuesday. But all the next day there was something bugging me. Here's the Wednesday amendment:

Reads better, even if "smile" might be seen as weaker (and less accurate) than "laugh".

(Also on Wednesday, I started another knitted skull, which became Saturday's effort.)
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Busy week--and electricians at work on the house. (We still don't have enough sockets but the number of extension leads has diminished.)

Monday, I did this:
Skull silhouette on text background (!Quatrain" by Paul Verlaine)
The text is a poem (a lon-time favourite) by Paul Verlaine, which set me thinking....
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Got an invite to a private viewing of Quentin Blake's work for the Folio Society at what is rapidly becoming my favourite exhibition space: The Heong Gallery. Listened to the Master of Downing and the Production Director of from Folio and Quentin Blake. Bumped into my Tutor from university days (not entirely surprising).

And I drank prosecco and ate posh nibbles.

And the paintings from some of Blake's (does the surname go with great pictures?) Folio collaborations--Don Quixote, Voyages to the Moon and Sun, La Fontaine's Fables, The Golden Ass, Candide, and Riddley Walker--were even better in the flesh than on the page (however great the printed reproductions are [I have Don Q and Riddley Walker (that's my birthday and Xmas present taken care of this year: my copy is number 140) to compare]).

I'd happily pay huge amounts for "Cupid and Venus" and "Pan and Echo"; any picture of Blake's involving a horse is worth serious attention; but, but, but... The Riddley Walker illustrations are masterful. There are a series--I think it's "Goodparly and Orfing sitting...", "Bernt Arse dogs....", "Riddley walking with the dogs...", "Rightway and Deaper set off....", and "Riddley walking off..."--which have a quite shallow, landscape orientation, all with a primarily monochrome colour scheme, but (as a hugely-perceptive fellow viewer pointed out) each with a single accent colour, and they are mind-blowing.
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Another knitted artifact, pattern courtesy of Dee Fray (blackrayne):
Knitted Skull
Read more... )
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And today a grouping of pre-knitted stuffed hexagons ("hexapuffs"):

A handful of knitted hexagons makes a skull

Don't look too close: I've not finished any of the ends!
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Late again (fighting with internet access):
Why shouldn't the rear get a look in too?
I was drawing from a tiny model skull that's the "bead" on the end of a knitting needle.

Link-y OTD

Jun. 9th, 2017 08:46 am
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Is to an embroidery.
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Soon, I'll be off to vote (not something Newspeak would let me say, I'm sure).
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Not my design, this comes courtesy of Alexander Rusch (chart here):
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Took the picture:
Piece of stone with the shadows just right.
Didn't get round to uploading it.
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Little time today, so I grabbed what I could from my desk. Plenty of different hardnesses of pencil and some graph paper:
Flat Skull Drawn on Graph Paper with Shadow Leading to Vanishing Point


Jun. 3rd, 2017 03:22 pm
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Just out of interest, dear reader, have a question or two:

1. Is your earworm only occasional or pretty much constant?

2. Are there triggers that start your earworm?

3. Can you hear more than one track simultaneously?

4. Does your earworm play you particular tracks or arrangements of whatever tune it wants to irritate you with?

5. Does your earworm have a playlist?

Or, do you not have an earworm and not understand what the heck I'm going on about?

(For extra credit, what is the cure for a month-long infestation of early Chris de Burgh?)

Link-y OTD

Jun. 3rd, 2017 10:05 am
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Cats in the Office


Jun. 3rd, 2017 09:15 am
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Feel a bit embarrassed about this, bearing in mind the length of time over an even greater number of years that I've been involved in tech pubs, but it's only just occurred to me why keycaps fonts are so called. If I'd ever thought about it, which I probably did (OK, I know I did) I'd've put it down to the capital letters they mostly are. While I dusted off the keyboard on the downstairs desktop this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that they were keycaps because they were the actual caps to the keys on the keyboard.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 11:55 am
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From The Guardian, Ian McEwan:
Many of us believe the EU remains the most extraordinary, ambitious, liberal political alliance in recorded history. It has overseen unprecedented peace and prosperity for 70 years. It is the dream trading bloc, to which we still have privileged access. Against the historical background of centuries of bloodshed, it is a heroic project, the closest embodiment on the planet of an open, free-thinking, tolerant polity forged between nations once at war. At the same time, it has preserved national differences – take a drive from Slovenia to Lisbon or Lübeck. At the human and cultural level, the EU is far richer, more diverse and benignly complex than the continental US. Where it needs reform, where it needs to evolve, we should be there to help turn that heavy wheel.


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