May. 29th, 2017

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Of my father.

So Friday evening, I rang him up and had a conversation.

I also dreamed of headlice.

I'm still scratching my headpuzzling over how to react to that one.

This is the first of my catching up on the week/weekend posts.

More Beers

May. 29th, 2017 07:07 pm
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Swapping Thursday for Friday (or vice versa) meant I didn't go to the beer festival. So, in the spirit of further exploration, I bought two more gluten-free beers, this tie from Waitrose.

Saturday, I drank a bottle of Againt the Grain from Wold Top Breweries . Very refreshing, reminding of my dad's homebrews from years back.

No ill effects apparent.

Sunday, I drank a bottle of Celia from Carlsberg.

A very nice lager I think, even if I'm not really a lager drinker. But it's hot and sweaty weather at the mo', so I appreciated it.

No ill effects apparent today.

I'm beginning to feel confident that avoiding gluten (in beer, anyway) is the way to go.

This is the first of my catching up on the week/weekend posts.
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Nearly missed that Channel 4 was showing this (I don't watch enough TV these days to see the adverts for upcoming shows).

Uncomfortable viewing.

I think actually seeing the "execution" of the convicted rapist made me think more of its similarity with Orwell's Two Minutes Hate.

It looked confusingly like an episode of Star Trek:TNG or an off-world episode of one of the Stargates. It's the colour-coded clothes, of course, which are entirely part of Atwood's book. But there's a reminder of the colour-themed costuming that often occurs in sf on TV. And I'm not just thinking of uniforms, here, but the whole "look" a particular culture is given, which is always a bit too neat and tidy (a bit like historical dramas where all the costume and furniture is absolutely of the date of the show, rather than the usual mishmash of old and new that most people live with and in) and often colour themed.


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