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2017-09-17 08:48 am
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"Drink Cup of Tea"

Now, this --
Big pic... )-- is the game controller for me. Although, maybe, the tea button should be a larger one.
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2017-09-02 01:28 pm
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August 2017

- They Have Been at a Great Feast of Languages, and Stol'n the Scraps (by Robert Bagnall) (DSF)
- The Sinner by Marge Simon (DSF)
- Search History by KT Bryski (DSF)
- The Practical Guide to Punching Nazis by Alex Shvartsman (DSF)
- Welcome by Liam Hogan (DSF)
- The Stargirl and the Potter by Jason Erik Lundberg (DSF)
- Masterclass by Cassandra Khaw (DSF)
- Spooky Action at a Distance by Paul Celmer (DSF)
- She Missed Her Chance. by C.J. Maloney (DSF)
- Qibla by Aaron Matthew Walter Knuckey (DSF)
- Spores of Freedom by Jakob Drud (DSF)
- There is a Dimension, I'm Certain of It by April Coan (DSF)
- Hero by Davian Aw (DSF)
- Ballgown Road by Melissa Mead (DSF)
- The Wizard of Wall Street by John Rhea (DSF)
- The Martian in the Wood by Stephen Baxter (
- Rock Paper Scissors by by Brenda Joyce Anderson (DSF)
- We were Goblins by Justin Allen Berg (DSF)
- Paper Hearts by Lynette Mejia (DSF)
- Sixteen Hours by Ken Altabef (DSF)
- A Brief History by Kenneth P Regan Jr. (DSF)
- A Picnic on the Beach by Owen Archlimb (
- Doing a Dyno by Robert Douglas Friedman (
- Will Today be a Good Day? by Helen Combe (

- The Praxis by Walter Jon Williams (K)

- The Art of Language Invention: From Horse-Lords to Dark Elves, the Words Behind World-Building by David J. Peterson (K)
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2017-08-28 01:25 pm
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Earworms (again)

It's an oldie, but a goodie. It's so old, however, that I am earwormed with not only the track, but also the point where the scratch in the record caused it to repeat a phrase a number of times before moving on....

"I get the same old dream,
Same time ev'ry night.
Fall on the ground
And I wake up.

So I get out of bed,
!! out of bed !!
!! out of bed !!...."
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2017-07-30 06:51 pm
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July 2017

- I Am David's by Damara Dianne (DSF)
- Maybe a Valley by Peter A Schaefer (DSF)
- Who Wants to Live Forever? by Michael Haynes (DSF)
- Last To Know by Leanne A. Styles (DSF)
- The Ivory Hummingbird by Caroline M. Yoachim (DSF)
- If You Build A Robot by Lawrence Allan Pontius (DSF)
- 15 Things You Should Know Before You Say Yes by Michelle Ann King (DSF)
- Pherobomb by Rich Larson (DSF)
- Futures by David Beyt (DSF)
- To the Girl Staring at her Phone by Rebecca Bartels (
- My Ribs a Cage by Marissa Harwood (DSF)
- 13 Ways to Detect Vampires Online by Luc Reid (DSF)
- Border by Nancy Manchec (DSF)
- Craft Project by Lindsey Duncan (
- Building a Bridge Too Vast to Cross by Caroline M. Yoachim (DSF)
- The Human I Never Was by Jeremy Szal (
- These Deathless Bones by Cassandra Khaw (
- The Egress by M. J. Pettit (DSF)
- Red by Ramsey Shehadeh (
- The Art of Asterculture by Sarah Gailey (
- A Web of Vice by Brandon Fife (
- Marcher by Chris Beckett (
- What Goes Up by JT Gill (

- Glow by Ned Beauman (WBC)
- One Night @ the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat (K)

- 'It was quasi-religious': the great self-esteem con by Will Storr (
- Intelligence in the flesh by Professor Guy Claxton (
- Google Glass is back from the dead, and changing the face of manufacturing by Rich Haridy (
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2017-07-16 04:15 pm
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2017-07-14 10:38 am

We is smart, we is!

Ravens can plan for future as well as 4-year-old children can

Actually, don't bother reading the article (we already knew we were clever), just admire those glossy feathers.

Smart,... and smart, eh?
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2017-07-01 02:54 pm
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June 2017

- Artist of Love by JT Gill (
- The Promise you Brought by Paul Alex Gray (
- All Miracles Fifty Percent Off by Addison Smith (DSF)
- Wendy, Darling by A.C. Wise (DSF)
- New Year's Resolutions 2087 by Mark Cowling (DSF)
- The Blue Unicorn by Bruce McAllister (DSF)
- Velveteen Rose by Claire Simon (
- Silenced by Melissa Mead (DSF)
- Uber by Sean Williams (DSF)
- Analog Signals by Shawn Proctor (DSF)
- Dragon Lady by S1imon Barker (
- Radio Waves by Icy Sedgwick
- The Undertakerby Sarah Martin (
- Mad Lib by Sean Vivier (DSF)

not a one this month

- ‘Kill them, kill them, kill them’: the volunteer army plotting to wipe out Britain’s grey squirrels by Patrick Barkham (
- 'They were entwined': the twins found at Dover's white cliffs by Jenny Kleeman (
- The Long, Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning by Matthew Shaer (
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2017-07-01 11:31 am


Or not?

Must be a fake Schadenfreade in "Cam". 'Cos I solved a clue.

Also, I understood the rubric.

Who is this interloper?

And, no, I'm not therefore going to obsessively try and solve the rest. No, no way....
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2017-06-26 10:13 pm

When your mother told you to fold your clothes,...

She didn't mean like this:
Cargigan folded into skull

(Don't ask how the socks turned out!)
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2017-06-25 05:03 pm
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A Week of Skulls

check the titles )
Preparations (tiny sketch)
sketch )
Embroidered sample
embroidery )
The things we keep in our lives...
candle )
Friday's serendipity
Seen in a shop...
silver skull in dome )
Buttons (a homage to Neil Gaiman's "Other Mother" in Coraline)...
buttoned up skull )
Sunday's serendipity
Found on the side wall of Tesco...
Grafitti )
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2017-06-18 01:49 pm
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SkullADay (14)

I finished the knitted skull and embroidered it. Not as pleased with the knit (the green yarn didn't play ball as well as the off white). But here it is:

Cool! I've never uploaded to YouTube before.
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2017-06-18 01:05 pm
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SkullADay (12)

I failed to make anything new on Thursday, but did appreciate how part of Quentin Blake's skill is in implying the skeleton (and sometimes skeletal) within a creature.

Also, I amended, again, the translation:

Whatevers! in these sluggish times
That give nor joy nor shame to mull
The sole solution to our crimes:
The smiling rictus of the skull.

I think this is the finished version, although I dislike line two and would love to come up with a better.
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2017-06-18 12:58 pm

SkullADay (10 & 11)

So, after an abortive search for an old piece of calligraphy I did based round the Verlaine "Quatrain" and in a week where I was dealing with arranging translations at work, I fell to thinking about attempting a translation myself.

Et voilà:

That was Tuesday. But all the next day there was something bugging me. Here's the Wednesday amendment:

Reads better, even if "smile" might be seen as weaker (and less accurate) than "laugh".

(Also on Wednesday, I started another knitted skull, which became Saturday's effort.)
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2017-06-18 12:08 pm

SkullADay (9) belated catchup

Busy week--and electricians at work on the house. (We still don't have enough sockets but the number of extension leads has diminished.)

Monday, I did this:
Skull silhouette on text background (!Quatrain" by Paul Verlaine)
The text is a poem (a long-time favourite) by Paul Verlaine, which set me thinking....
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2017-06-16 09:33 am

Private Viewing

Got an invite to a private viewing of Quentin Blake's work for the Folio Society at what is rapidly becoming my favourite exhibition space: The Heong Gallery. Listened to the Master of Downing and the Production Director of from Folio and Quentin Blake. Bumped into my Tutor from university days (not entirely surprising).

And I drank prosecco and ate posh nibbles.

And the paintings from some of Blake's (does the surname go with great pictures?) Folio collaborations--Don Quixote, Voyages to the Moon and Sun, La Fontaine's Fables, The Golden Ass, Candide, and Riddley Walker--were even better in the flesh than on the page (however great the printed reproductions are [I have Don Q and Riddley Walker (that's my birthday and Xmas present taken care of this year: my copy is number 140) to compare]).

I'd happily pay huge amounts for "Cupid and Venus" and "Pan and Echo"; any picture of Blake's involving a horse is worth serious attention; but, but, but... The Riddley Walker illustrations are masterful. There are a series--I think it's "Goodparly and Orfing sitting...", "Bernt Arse dogs....", "Riddley walking with the dogs...", "Rightway and Deaper set off....", and "Riddley walking off..."--which have a quite shallow, landscape orientation, all with a primarily monochrome colour scheme, but (as a hugely-perceptive fellow viewer pointed out) each with a single accent colour, and they are mind-blowing.
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2017-06-11 09:12 pm
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SkullADay (8)

Another knitted artifact, pattern courtesy of Dee Fray (blackrayne):
Knitted Skull
Read more... )
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2017-06-09 12:37 pm

Skull a Day (6)

And today a grouping of pre-knitted stuffed hexagons ("hexapuffs"):

A handful of knitted hexagons makes a skull

Don't look too close: I've not finished any of the ends!