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Leads, inevitably after two days of streaming mucus, to endless nosebleed.

And cancelling all the nice.

And panicking about the final layer of paint in the "shed"--needs to be done and dried by Friday morning.


Jul. 25th, 2015 05:18 pm
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I've done my back in. Just like the previous two occasions, but veering towards the worse of the first time rather than the not so bad of the second.

So, no trip down to Wells with M to drop Looby Loo at Latin Camp. Bah! I like Wells. (I like wells, too, but that's something entirely different.)

Now how to explain to the fading Little cat that there is absolutely no way I can stand her sleeping on me tonight.


Jun. 13th, 2007 01:07 pm
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Bah! I do so hate missing out on full marks by that close a margin!

No, actually, I'm pleased. And now I'm off to think about more of the second part of the course.


May. 8th, 2007 10:48 pm
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And not in a nice, cuddly cyberman sense.

No, ntlVirgin "upgraded" the software on our digibox. It's worse than ever. Less control over our list of most used channels, no way of canceling a bookmarked show or having multiple bookmarks to choose from later, a complete inability (as opposed to a regular wonkiness) to keep its list of shows in line with the time out in the real world, and a need to reboot several times a day.

Someone needs to be deleted.

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There I was, innocently recovering from Torchwood's gorgeous, glorious fairy frighteners (and didn't the cat put in a sterling performance?) and half paying attention to Bremner, Bird and Fortune, when some unkind being whisked me back from our multicultural, multiracial, anti-sexist, equal opportunities world (as if) to the white male workforce of yesteryear. Yes, I was watching the Serco Training advert. It's the one that claims 30 seconds could change your life. I always thought gender reassignment took a little longer than that. For that's obviously the first step to take to succeed if the evidence of the advert is anything to go by. White man shakes hands with white man; white man stands behind seated white man working at his PC; white man plugs in components; white man (possibly different to the first white man) shakes hands with another white man; it's beginning to sound like a song, join in if you know the tune, or just clap along. To be honest, after a third and very careful viewing, I think I spotted two possibly non-white men... possibly.

I looked at their website. There is no indication of any sort of equal opportunity policy. I suppose they may not need one. But... a good few years ago whilst I was studying on a government funded course at a higher education institute I remember the immense effort folk went to for their corporate brochure picking out the non-white, female, and older members of our cohort.

I'm sorely tempted to take their on-line test and turn up at one of the open days just to see if it's quite as it's portrayed.

And as the world trundles on its rough-hewn rock wheels to perdition, it struck me that were I a half intelligent 17-year-old right now I'd be calculating the offence that would keep me At Her Majesty's Pleasure for sufficient time to complete my degree by distance learning at her Majesty's expense before my release having paid my debt to society and free of my debt to the student loans company.
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So the first time I received [ profile] armb's comment on my post of yesterday, it was interesting. The second time, I saw it in my inbox I assumed lj had hiccups. When I received the same three emails from the 53 pending on the server, I realised that my life had stuck. When I got [ profile] armb's email for the seventh time (or so)--the format of the sender and title make 'em easy to spot--I went and deleted the persistent three from the [insert ISP here] server. This created a new loop. So I killed that one, zapped the spam, and some of the messages I was only going to skim and then delete. I've been shepherding the messages through ever since--one by one--seeing them into my local inbox, zapping them on the server, repeat ad nauseum--with no real clue as to what's going wrong. I'm ready to believe that there's something up on the PC--it is obsolete and with an unsupported OS--but I think it may not be in this case.

With the entire list of messages reappearing in the inbox on the web interface to the ISP at least once, I may never escape from today. If I don't, well. it's been fun... ;-)


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