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Jun. 3rd, 2017 10:05 am
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Cats in the Office


Mar. 20th, 2017 08:56 pm
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Yesterday upon the stair,
I met a cat who wasn't there.
She wasn't there again today:
I wish she would come out to play.

(Actually, it's not all that bad: Mia did come out to eat after 24 hours of hiding. And she's now shuttlin between under the futon in one bedroom to under the bed in the other.)
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13.15 Friday 17th March:
Evidence, visual )
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Here's little miss Puzzle Muzzle:
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Our Mia's a cllimber, we find,
And a hider--both in and behind--
And she's eating her grub
Giving fingers a rub
And waiting to be unconfined.

And, meanwhile...

Outside on the landing is Ozzie
Who' lurking and listening, because he
Would woo her with flowers
And serenades for hours
And wants a sweet end to this story.
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My offspring won't tidy for shit
And now hosts a cat in their pit.
Where nagging has failed
Little Mia's prevailed
And sorting's being done in a split.


Mar. 4th, 2017 04:53 pm
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We have a new cat called Mia
Who's suffering badly from fear:
She's locked in a room
In the deepest of gloom
And wishes that we'd disappear.

Meanwhile, Oz wants to make friends.
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We've been debating the notion of a new cat for a bit (well, pretty much since Mr Socks died). We've got the stove done: we didn't want to get a new cat and settle it in by having strangers ripping bits of its new home out and bringing new bits in. Too disruptive!

Mr Oswald is so very lonely. I'm not a great substitute cat. I try. We do the sniffing noses and Flehmening; we sleep with one another; we chatter and grunt and do all the other cat noises. But I draw the line at sniffing bottoms and cleaning one another.

So we've been regularly checking the Blue Cross website and when we found Mia this week we thought we'd go and visit. She's tiny and shy and didn't come out to see us, but we think she's lovely--and won't threaten Oz. Were it not for a check up with the vet due this week, we'd've had her home withon the day. It'll be Friday instead.
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We once hat a cat called Mouse. He was: a large, scaredy brown tabby; brother to Gremlin; offspring of Astrophe.

There's a "Mouse" (as opposed to a mouse) up for adoption: 8 yrs, slightly skewiff black and white, unhappy at the pet shelter, and could tolerate another cat.

So tempted. But we thought we'd wait until the new stove's been installed before we get another pet. Moving one cat out to the home office whilst there's workmen round is one thing; two near strangers, entirely another.
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So I can find the info if needed at a later date.

tl;dr cat medical details )
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Mr Oswald felt left out not having his picture posted on the internetz yesterday. So here he is:


Dec. 31st, 2016 06:26 pm
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Cut for sad news )
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It's rhetorical, that question. They could, and did.

The ravens must remember not to feed cat treats to the cats. They only throw them back up again.

As for the rest... I just can't.
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Who comes up with these designated days? Pictures anyway...
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I have similar experiences to this article with Mr Socks:
When he's playing by knocking objects off shelves, tables and the piano, if you catch the falling object before it hits the ground, he waits. His ears are pricked and he sits there waiting for the noise of the object hitting the ground instead of going straight on to his next target.
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I could type on the cATs.

THere is more chance of fitting a cat or two on the desk than the laptop.
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I hate the final stages of knitting: blocking, pressing, sewing seams, weaving in ends. Which is why, although I finished knitting the shawl the weekend before last, I've only just finished it. I've put on soothing music, woven in all eight loose ends, gently washed the shawl, squished the surplus wet out in a towel, and pinned it out to dry:
I did have some help:

The shawl was almost dry by the time I'd pinned it out, so I don't think--beyond a wet bum--there's much of a problem. He moved as soon as I started making lunch.

So, credits for this piece of work:

  • Pattern from The Knitter magazine, issue 91

  • Yarn from John Lewis

  • Crystal beads from Bluestreak Beads

  • Tiny beads from Hobbycraft

  • Eucalan from The Sheep Shop (possibly blocking pins, too)

  • Music from Annie Dressner, Strangers Who Knew Each Other's Names

And about 25 hours work.
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So, before it joins the list of things to Freecycle, would anyone reasonably local like our Drimkwell Mini pet fountain (comes with no pets!)? Socks took to it instantly, but once Little used it it became entirely hers and almost certainly extended her life--but the boys have rejected it since her death. I've cleaned it, so apart from the odd bit of limescale, it's neat and tidy and only requires the purchase of a new filter (I seem to have used our stock up).


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