Nov. 3rd, 2005 12:20 pm
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I only ordered Saturday night, so sock yarn from Curious Yarns was a surprise arrival this morning (I'm exceedingly grateful to [livejournal.com profile] hobbitblue for pointing the site out). Soft, beautiful skeins. Plus the cute little animal stitch markers. And sweets in amongst the wrapping: Looby Loo, having admired the Candy yarn I've bought to do socks for her, took a sweet off to school and left Biggle-the-Cellophane-and-Plastic-Bag-Addict the wrapping. So all were happy. (Well I'm not sure M was entirely pleased to have his beard stroked with a skein of wool. But I had to share.)

Such a lovely package all round. It's made me feel more like salvaging stuff and starting anew. So, I've found a box (not hard, since I seem to acquire them), ex-Culpepper's I think, and I've dusted off my favourite needlecase, my scissors keep with my mother's needlework scissors, the little bag of safety pins. I've put a circle of felt into the bottom of the box the stitch markers came in and added my first three to the new ones. The result is neat, portable and mostly stuff I've embroidered myself.

The box is not full. What else should I add for temporary, easy access for embroidery, knitting, and mending of clothes?

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As well as it being a week with Dad staying, it's been a week of pretty things. First, I showed off, at the local art exhibition at school some pieces I'd knit or embroidered, the which precipitated a hurried finish off of a scarf from this for Looby Loo (yes, it's the pink one you can just see on the cover) and another, more knit recent project. Added to these, the needlework hat band that's currently sans hat and the cross stitch one that's on a straw pill-box. They looked really smart on display. It's the first time I've done this, mainly through lack of confidence. But I think I showed things that looked professional and, for items made using traditional craft techniques, rather cool.

Second, I bought a skirt. It's red, unbelievably full, and on me almost floor length. Teamed with the little strappy T-shirt I got from Disneyland Paris at Easter, it's wonderful. I just want to do that little girl thing of twirling around at any possible opportunity. Fairtrade costs, however--as it ought. If I had set a clothing budget for the Summer, or even longer, it would have gone.


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