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We cleared out the cupboard under the stairs and found:
A close up:
That's six bottles of Whitbread Celebration from... ever so long ago and I fear it's now past its best. We will sample tonight.
We'd completely forgotten about the Whitbread's. I hadn't forgotten about this:
I'd merely failed to remember that we had five unopened bottles stashed away, maturing nicely one hopes:
We found many other things. Most now at the tip. Apparently the length of brass pipe was warmly received. Other stuff not so much.
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So, as well as getting rid of stuff, I'm making use of stuff.

I'm in the process of finishing a summer dress in a length of fabric I failed to make into a dress well over twenty years ago. (Good thing my tastes haven't changed too much.)

I've also started a Beekeeper's Quilt to make us of as many bits and bobs of 4ply and sock yarn in my possession (easier to get at as I've had to move stacked boxes from the corner of the bedroom to under the new bed so the widdling cat can't find any floor to make use of). It's modular, and I'm aiming big--four foot square--so it'll take some time.

I also discovered the downside of disposing og things: I ran out out clean duvet covers (the worn-out or incorrect-sized ones went a few weeks back). Sometimes decluttering means reacquiring jsut the right stuff.
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Not intended as advice to anyone but myself (tho' if they offer some encouragement, all the better) and not the practical instructions, but the emotional ones, the things I've been doing that have made getting rid of stuff, even stuff with emotional resonances, easy, a pleasure even.
how to throw things out )
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So the next batch of bookss to go are all by Neal Stephenson. Not because we don't like: we do. Simply because iof I'm ever to read or reread I'll shell out for ebooks. The Kindle's a darn sight more comfortable on the wrists!

Next up: can I bear to part with my Penguin Norse sagas--all beautiful black spines in a row--if I have another translation (maybe the same translation) in a Folio Society edition?
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So, is there any reason to have on my shelves, pretty much untouched since 1988, a complete Chaucer in paperback, Oxford T&C, Penguin T&C, several standalone volumes of different Canterbury Tales?

(Note, I possess a facsimile Kelmskott Chaucer for the pretty and would only now want to re-reread on an electronic device: bigger text on tap and lighter on the wrists.)

Good Thing

Jan. 21st, 2015 12:19 pm
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131 books donated to Amnesty or Oxfam. (Also box of "stuff"—mainly knives and mugs—to Sally Army.)

Thanks to LibraryThing, I can track what we had.

Other things to cull:
- pile of recipes to go into recipe collection
- pile of knitting patterns (mostly from WWW so should link from Ravelry)
- old Xmas, birthday and ther greetings cards (unlikely to be used for children's crafts)
- fabrics.


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