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Mr Socks has spent the last few weeks looking up longingly at my lap, which was almost inevitably occupied by Little. I've made sure he's got his share of my attention, when Little decamped to M or Looby Loo.

Now, of course, he's avoiding me and Mr Oswald--the non-lap cat--has happily curled up on me.
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We adopted Little on June 6th 1996 (I just checked the paperwork). She was a year old, but had been at the Blue Cross for six months (we were told: they were trying very hard to "sell" Big, but especially Little, to us). So she could have been not much more than one up to nearly two and a half. She was at the very least 20 when she died.

A pretty good innings.


Jul. 28th, 2015 01:48 pm
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My parents bought this cat basket a very long time ago (at least thirty years):
It was a step up in the world for the cat (possibly not Moggy, but definitely Kitty) as before that we'd used any old cardboard box for feline transportation (or none at all, until Moggy decided that the best place to travel in the car was under the brake pedal).
It served as Kitty's bed, too, and was where Mieze was born, but not the rest of the kittens. Felix, the last of those kittens, also slept in it.
When my Dad brought Astrophe over from Wales just after we moved in here, she came in this basket. She didn't take to sleeping in it, but it's carried on performing its cat-carrying duties, to and from the vee ee tee ever since. Big generally got to go in it, 'cos our other carrier was smaller.
Today we settled Little in it for her last two journeys.
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.\, = cat's arse on keyboard (note also the cursor ought to be flashing between the "." and "\": Biggle's backside has discovered backspace, or, possibly, left arrow)

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  • M, thereby earning the moniker "Chastity Cat"
  • Looby Loo
  • Fred
  • Jack
  • Lego robots
  • my laptop
  • the laser printer

What it is to be lovedcolonised.

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Ah, the things global warming is responsible for.

[And, yes, I was completely unable to resist using the title.]

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May. 30th, 2007 11:19 am
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Found via LanguageLog: lolcode.

Whilst I have on a handful of occasions actually wanted to learn to be able to program (for real, as opposed to understanding the syntax, reading code when necessary, which I've done for years) to solve a problem I have, it's never been something I've wanted to do for its own sake particularly (the same could be said of my learning of human languages, too: I'm willing to learn enough to solve a particular problem, e.g. sufficient specialised Italian to read instructions on musical scores, adequate French to process gobbets of Anglo-Norman texts). Essentially, just as it's possible to admire and understand a little of the "grammar" of buildings without being a builder or an architect, I acquire enough knowledge to understand or appreciate but not necessarily to make something of my own.


This I want to learn.

There's something so essentially right about error-handling with "O NOES" let alone ending the program with "KTHXBYE".


May. 24th, 2007 01:30 pm
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I was expecting this to be a picture of Biggle, especially after Little's first response to Pedro (a hissing fly by with added side swipe). But, here she is, sitting on the box of second-hand Lego. (They're taking turns: later it'll be Biggle on guard.)
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Law 0: A robot shall beware of the cat!

Yup, we've built Pedro, Looby Loo and I, with Biggle, who:

  • sat in the box lid
  • sat on the instructions we didn't need
  • sat on the instructions we did need
  • sat on the sorted pieces
  • sat on my lap on top of the pieces I was sorting
  • chased Looby Loo's fingers during construction.

But Pedro is built and the motor's have been fired up sufficiently to flatten the rechargeable batteries. So, it's tomorrow evening for downloading firmware....

[At least the IR tower installed OK.]

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Nora the piano cat. And sequel.


May. 10th, 2007 03:52 pm
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I blame [ profile] la_marquise_de_, since it was on her recommendation that I went and sat outside Boots today and listened to Wang Shun Xian. Superb. Especially watching the inevitable flautist's eyebrow raising. As soon as I can kick the small girl off the TV, we'll have a good listen to the two CDs.

(Also bought replacement mint and chives to be planted in the garden surrounded by razor wire with machine gun emplacements [you think Chicken Run was based on anything except fact], which is now hidden under cover, since keeping it indoors meant Big ate the chives.)


May. 4th, 2007 05:33 pm
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Little on the Monks' Bench
Little on the Monks' Bench
The lesser spotted small white cat. She's not deaf, generally has grotty-looking eyes, and can summon a retrospective grumpy look when she hears the click of a camera. So I don't take as many pictures of her. It's a shame.


Apr. 28th, 2007 10:43 pm
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Caught him napping (which isn't hard).
The results )
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Cat to the Vet. Check.

Chuck to the Vet. Cluck!

Pay by credit card. No cheque. Check.

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Seeing this, rather prompts me to wonder if cats need relaxing?

Little looked rather puzzled as to the source of the purring on sample track 1. Biggle, of course, remained unmoved: he takes his musical enjoyment via his stomach.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 02:25 pm
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The living room accumulate drifts of white fluff in its corners; the garden gathers black down in its corners.

The latter explains why Jack ain't laying at present and is finding it a struggle to fly up to the window sill.


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