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No dandelions or burdocks were harmed in making this concoction: or not that I could detect.

Not recommended, unless you have a copper-bottomed pan to clean. (Or is that HP Sauce?)
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way you
at it
this 1988 book club reprint of the 1985 edition of the Good Housekeeping Cookery Book is dead.


Jun. 12th, 2016 03:44 pm
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Everytime I go into the kitchen I fail my Sanity check against the smell of the slow-cooking gammon.
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An aide memoire.
That's shop-bought meatballs cooked in the scooped-out shells of two aubergines with the flesh of the aubergines added to the tomato sauce. Tomato sauce not spoiled (for the non-aubergine lovers) by the added mush.


Jul. 31st, 2015 12:42 pm
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Yesterday, homemade coconut yoghurt (plus cow milk live yoghurt as starter) plus blackberries from back garden (2 mins in microwave plus some caster sugar stirred in)--tasty, but runny enough for drinking.

Today, homemade, goat milk yoghurt (plus cow milk live yoghurt as starter) plus blackberries (as above)--goat-y, tasty, and a little less runny.
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Fresh mango is the fruit that lives up to the promise to which the tinned peach slices of childhood failed.
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So, in a fit of September enthusiasm, I enrolled on a course yesterday. All about foraging for wild food. Evidently, there aren't enough hunter gatherers in the vicinity of Milton country Park. So it's off.

Oh well, back to frequent consultations of Food for Free.
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I always look at Treat of the Week in The Grauniad's colour supplement with interest and hope. Occasionally I'm boggled. The recipe a few weeks back that required a punnet of blackberries, for example: whoever knew that blackberries came in punnets? Double-layered plastic bags or a colander, maybe, but punnets? Doesn't that imply a financial transaction and, er, shops?

Last Saturday's treat was Sesame Ginger Halva, which I made yesterday. Highly recommended.

Acquiring tahini (and the absence of milk in the house) necessitated a visit to Tesco.


First off, earlier in the summer, the move began to "integrate" the organic products into the rest of the store, instead of having them coralled in several separate little sections (until Xmas last year the dry groceries were next to the refrigerated section so I only had to find milk and meat elsewhere--joy). This means far more hunting around and walking through the store instead of a quick nip around a small subset of locations where I can find everything.

Second, the process has been so protracted that it's meant even more hassle. Things have moved piecemeal, and their destinations have been shifted around too, which must have been just as annoying for everyone else using the store.

Third, during the move several items seem to have been "lost". The organic range has contracted: there's certainly less meat; only one brand of organic strong white flour (Tesco's own) instead of a choice of two or three. There's some things I just can't find, too: Kallo organic rice cakes, unsalted; organic tinned pineapple.

On the board of customers' comments there's a quote from one shopper saying they'd like the organic products shelved alongside the rest of the stock. So my idea of convenience may not have matched others' experiences. (I'm being charitable here and not giving in to the suspicion that the quote is a plant.) However, I wonder what the effect has been on their revenues. I've not quite stopped using it (it is virtually our corner shop): I'm buying meat on-line for the freezer now; I've never bought much fruit and veg there (the box scheme's been going longer than the store has existed) and at the minute we're harvesting our own stuff and benefiting from others' surpluses; I try to use local stores where I can. But currently, it's double clubcard points on all organic goods. Have other folk failed to find their usual purchases and gone elsewhere?

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Story: here. Recipes (pdf): here.

Yum. (tho' singing a cheery Euro anthem with cake in one's mouth is more than a little crummy.)

ETA: It's more than a little disturbing that the spellchecker's just offered Buchenwald as a correction for Kuchen. No, not that kind of oven at all :-(

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Ground Rice Under Fingernails

Ugh! 'Nuff said.

Also, what's happened to good old greaseproof paper? All recipes call for these days is baking parchment.

Is this some kind of class (note, that's a short "a" sound, none of this cl-arse-ss-ing around in this blog) thing? Is greaseproof paper somehow non-U? Or is baking parchment actually better. In a practical sense, that is. I'm sure it thinksknows it's better.


Sep. 16th, 2005 09:38 pm
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Sweet corn (organic) for starters; potatoes, carrots, venison steak with a sauce of red wine, mushrooms, apple (it was sitting there uneaten from Looby Loo's lunch) and redcurrant jelly; stewed plums and ice cream; when the temperature falls the ravens' minds turn to food.

Now I need tea.

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Sushi for lunch followed by genmaicha tea.

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Ventured into the gardenjungle this morning and picked a bowl of blackberries and several bunches of elderberries (plus one large and exceedingly Pippi Longstocking-y spider). Baked and waiting for supper time is one apple, blackberry and elderberry crumble. However warm it may be today, I deem it to be Autumn.


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