Bye, bye lj

Jun. 1st, 2017 07:41 pm
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I'm sitting here watching the entries flicker through their enscramblement on lj.

I was going to flounce off on the 15th anniversary of my first post there, but I've been tinkering with pictures and links, and... Either I go or I don't. So, no x-posts, no nothing into the site; I'll turn off commenting if I can (it was a spam comment today that got me to make the decision); there's a pointer over to here; and there let it stand.

The weird thing about electronic vandalism is you don't get your fingers dirty (and in fact can wander off and have dinner).
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So, whilst posts and associated comments cross the great lj-dw divide, other things don't. I've found most folk, or have kept a link to them, and that's OK. but.... there are people, some of whom I merely read, some of whom I talked to too, who can't make this leap. I can still go back to their last posts on lj, but they've gone mostly from my friends list where they lingered like family mummies in the back of the tribal hut. And when my lj goes, it'll be harder to revisit.

There are memories too. These don't import automagically.

And moribund and unmirrored communities...

I might have moved half of my adult life, apparently byte by byte (though not pixel by pixel as I've not got onto the graphics yet), but it's an uprooting that's left broken roots and damaged, dropped leaves.

As a memorial of sorts, this post is for [profile] tomdisch, [profile] ozarque, [personal profile] jaylake, [personal profile] snapes_angel. (And more trivially, [profile] opportunitygrrl and [profile] spiritrover.)


Apr. 8th, 2017 02:04 pm
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As I post, I await only comments to come over to Dreamwidth.

With each wave of departures from LJ, I've debated what to do. I was disinclined to move, especially as I've a permanent account and a huge list of RSS feeds (many of which I set up and probably only I use) which I prefer to view in my LJ layout. Also the choice of destination for each wave of departures has never been entirely clear.

Still, continuing to post into an increasingly empty space doesn't really appeal. And I might have considered continuing to (cross)post there just 'cos I was entitled having paid my permanent dues all those years ago. But...

To be seen to in any way to condone cruel and regressive laws covering people's sexuality, gender; to be seen to go along with in any way the stifling of political debate and freedom; no way, José (or, in this case, Putin and co.). I don't much like moving my "stuff" back to a USA-hosted service, either, but, at least if I don't choose to ignore the EULA, I can read it and any relevant laws without the need of a translator.

My LJ will remain for a few days yet. I plan to delete on the 18th May, its 15th anniversary.

Blimmin' lj

Mar. 4th, 2011 01:31 pm
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Was logged in. Clicked through from email to delete comment spam and was told to log in. Which failed. Repeatedly. (I did wonder if this was a case of the dodgy "T", but since I persuaded the upstairs mogs not to sleep or walk on the keyboard the offending letter is working no worse than any other key.)

So, back with a brand spanking new--and even longer-- password. Sighs.

And in other news: in bed with a temperature that provoked uncontrollable shivering overnight. And giggles. M very disturbed that sickness bad enough for the ravens to reach for the (Alzheimer's preventing?) Nurofen should also prompt laughter (and wandering down the garden in the middle of the night 'cos I couldn't remember penning in the galliform gals).

And in other, other news: brain, swept free of healthy concerns, is writing poetry at me. (And ideas for the zombie cats.)
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O rly?

Ya rly.

When the second Trojan of the year hit last night, just after the Windows updates installed, I read up its features and those of related Trojans. Some of these messed with files with particular extensions: .doc, .xls,...

Phew, I thought. The last thing I do before submitting OU work is change from OpenOffice formats and extensions to MS Office. And back up manually (there's a daily task that runs automatically too) beforehand. So, hooray for open source. And hooray for the fact I hardly have any files with any extensions, let alone MS ones, sitting on the laptop at all. Mainly Framemaker files, actually.

My stuff's in:

  • LiveJournal
  • Google Docs
  • LibraryThing
  • Mindmeister
  • Ravelry
  • formatpixel
  • Twitter...

Backed up at:

  • Storegate
  • Box
  • Google Mail...

I can, and do, read my mail via a web interface when away from home.

OK, if the information's really sensitive, it's backed up on other media at home. But, mainly....

And, yes, it's irritatingly not fully integrated, and TagsAhoy isn't quite there yet. And that's not integrated with tag2find. And I want my tags consistent (phrasal tags, eh, even lj does that).

And, yes, for many and generally silly reasons I've more than one ID on those sites. One day, I'll rationalize, maybe.

No, I don't have a task list, calendar and scheduler anywhere except in paper diaries, paper calendar on the wall and daily todo lists on small squares of paper. Paper's still amazingly neat technology. Possibly the best gadget in the world (ever tried launching an aeroplane carefully folded from your latest electronic outpouring?).

Address book? Paper, too. (Ring bound for longevity.)

But, yeah, there ought to be a lot of empty space on my hard drive. So why was I still monitoring the AV sweep at 3.00 am this morning?


Apr. 11th, 2007 10:53 pm
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And someone planted a tree on my profile over Easter while I wasn't looking. I keep on going back to it to see if it needs watering or anything, very Little Prince-ly.

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...I'm more interested in this

my less common shared interests )

than I am in this

the other things I might be interested in )


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