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Our Mia's a cllimber, we find,
And a hider--both in and behind--
And she's eating her grub
Giving fingers a rub
And waiting to be unconfined.

And, meanwhile...

Outside on the landing is Ozzie
Who' lurking and listening, because he
Would woo her with flowers
And serenades for hours
And wants a sweet end to this story.


Mar. 4th, 2017 04:53 pm
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We have a new cat called Mia
Who's suffering badly from fear:
She's locked in a room
In the deepest of gloom
And wishes that we'd disappear.

Meanwhile, Oz wants to make friends.
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We've been debating the notion of a new cat for a bit (well, pretty much since Mr Socks died). We've got the stove done: we didn't want to get a new cat and settle it in by having strangers ripping bits of its new home out and bringing new bits in. Too disruptive!

Mr Oswald is so very lonely. I'm not a great substitute cat. I try. We do the sniffing noses and Flehmening; we sleep with one another; we chatter and grunt and do all the other cat noises. But I draw the line at sniffing bottoms and cleaning one another.

So we've been regularly checking the Blue Cross website and when we found Mia this week we thought we'd go and visit. She's tiny and shy and didn't come out to see us, but we think she's lovely--and won't threaten Oz. Were it not for a check up with the vet due this week, we'd've had her home withon the day. It'll be Friday instead.
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So I can find the info if needed at a later date.

tl;dr cat medical details )
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For [ profile] ms_cataclysm, and also just 'cos:
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Mr Socks has spent the last few weeks looking up longingly at my lap, which was almost inevitably occupied by Little. I've made sure he's got his share of my attention, when Little decamped to M or Looby Loo.

Now, of course, he's avoiding me and Mr Oswald--the non-lap cat--has happily curled up on me.


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