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...the spam told me (three times, which is insistent even for spam). But, Alto or Bass? It didn't elucidate.

28/6 ETA: And twice more....

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... wasn't shy about spamming me. I'm really not nuts about that.

And I'll milk the situation for all it's worth.

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I don't know why (s)he was emailing me--but the name needs memorialising.
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Ishmerai Donis
Ithiel Castello
Aristocles Trumbo

and the explosive

Popguns L. Fancifully

Spam OTD

Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:51 am
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Noemi Pelletier (such a pretty name) says: Your oat thistle.

Now, oat stout I know, tho' I'm inclined to call it oak stoat. But oat thistle's a new one on me.
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"Floury V. Genital" wishes to communicate with me about Software.

So that'll be baps rather than rock cakes?

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... Says: "Get a date with a fun girl or guy". But I'm sure they're looking down their superior nose when they make the offer.

So true

Apr. 29th, 2004 11:28 pm
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Spam of the day says it all. Subject: "chaff".

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Ad yes we do have better things to do than savouring the spam.

But after getting up at 5.30 to settle LL down, with the usual aches and pains, we can't quite understand why the men with baseball bats and meat tenderisers had to make a second visit in the subsequent two hours of kip. Getting up a second time was agony.

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We could get quite addicted to this pursuit: these subject lines have their own bright shininess:

  • clobber exchange acetone
  • extenuate camino deflect
  • pineapple alveolus geese incautious

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Today's randomnesses:
  • orthodontist hegemony panopticon
  • brownian own shadow hemolytic
  • modular plutarch claudio
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megavolt prophet polopony

Need we say more?

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Copycatting [ profile] sbisson, yesterday's great random spam subject line was "extort alcestis jigging"** from which great tragedy ought to rise. The non-random spam subject line that caught our beadies was: "Re: mysterious masked magician". Is that merely a magician or the_magicianthe magician?

* Not a sport, just a meme.

** Which contains the interesting link (not clicked***) "Not intreseted" which had us intrigued.

*** The linked not clicked, like the road not taken, as we're certain we've remarked before. Not just copy cats but parrots too.


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