Oct. 9th, 2006 02:04 pm
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I suppose this is going to it an interesting test of just how good the Dragon is: I've got a cold (no, that's not a boast, I'm not sharing, but if you fancy taking it off me...). The cold's had the nerve to the lock-up the sinuses on the left-hand side of my face (so now you know the ravens sleep on the left-hand side) thereby causing toothache.

It's one of those colds that's caused me to feel down in the dumps. Hence:

  • the appalling choice of music, see below

  • the lack of progress in anything I need to do today

  • and even greater desire than normal not to take Looby Loo swimming this evening

Still, we have an armchair, with another to follow. The living room may, someday soon-ish, finally resemble a proper, grown-up parlour and not the student squat it has done for the last fifteen years. Standard lamps and a coffee table to follow, maybe?
(The effect on the Dragon of a blocked up nose is apparently less than the effect caused by moving from upstairs with lower ceilings and carpets to downstairs with a hard floor and high ceilings.)
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The hens are soggy. Mrs Fred, especially, loses her extreme fluffy buffness and looks much reduced in volume. Jack, however, does the water off a duck's back thing: the drops that gather on top of her glossy black feathers do look like little crystals. Time methinks to put the larger winter cover over their run.

The weekend, apart from forays to Looby Loo's music class and a pleasant lunch at Efe's, was rather dominated by adaptations of 19th-century novels. I'd missed the beginning of the rebroadcast of the 1990s BBC Pride and Prejudice space (when are they going to do the proper one from the 1980s? Colin Firth is not my idea of Darcy), but enjoyed watching most of the last three episodes. Looby Loo was captivated, so I may have to acquire the relevant DVDs (yet again, she shown just how girly she is). I guess she'll have to watch the repeat of Jane Eyre too. I don't think it will be any more frightening than Doctor Who. I suppose if she can enjoy having Sherlock Holmes stories read to her, Jane Eyre wouldn't be too difficult either. (I think I'd heard it on the radio before I read the novel myself when I was ten or so.) Of course, as with Jane Austen's works, I don't actually own a copy. I read those books when I could still borrow the copies from my parents' bookshelves (300 mile long arms I do not have). Having watched the programme on romantic novels on BBC four, I'm rather tempted by the "revamped" covers on offer for the Jane Austen novels. I assume that a similar reissue of Jane Eyre. (I'm impressed today by the Dragon's ability to cope with book titles and authors names with almost no intervention. I really don't need to type very much these days.)
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Ahoy, all you shivering land lubbers! Dirty Annie Kid has buried all her worldly goods where none of you limey deck swabbers can find 'em.

Avast and shiver me timbers! My dragon don't do Pirate speak. Aaarrr!

(In other words, I finally got round to buying some cheap off-site storage, since backing up files from the upstairs PC to the downstairs PC didn't strike me as a great deal of protection. And no, voice recognition software is definitively not configured by default to cope with Talk like a Pirate Day.)
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I'm back to my terribly inaccurate typing (so slow too) whilst I optimize the dragon. Speak to you all soon.
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The experiments continue. My squeaky clean new download of Post-It Notes Lite works fabulously well. It's not the most obvious place to dictate -- but it works.

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Dragons obviously have very strange tongues. Still, I seem to be coping quite well. In fact, I wish that many people I know listened as carefully as the computer does.

So far. I've tried:

  • FrameMaker (not too successfully).

  • Writerly (needs more work).

  • Opera mail (not too bad).

  • Semagic.

What I don't have, or haven't learnt yet, is complete control over menus and editing. I need shortcuts for smileys too : -) (They're a bit cumbersome, spelled out as punctuation names.)

I think I need a new pair of teeth too. I'm having particular problems with "ch".


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