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She didn't mean like this:
Cargigan folded into skull

(Don't ask how the socks turned out!)
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check the titles )
Preparations (tiny sketch)
sketch )
Embroidered sample
embroidery )
The things we keep in our lives...
candle )
Friday's serendipity
Seen in a shop...
silver skull in dome )
Buttons (a homage to Neil Gaiman's "Other Mother" in Coraline)...
buttoned up skull )
Sunday's serendipity
Found on the side wall of Tesco...
Grafitti )
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I finished the knitted skull and embroidered it. Not as pleased with the knit (the green yarn didn't play ball as well as the off white). But here it is:

Cool! I've never uploaded to YouTube before.
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I failed to make anything new on Thursday, but did appreciate how part of Quentin Blake's skill is in implying the skeleton (and sometimes skeletal) within a creature.

Also, I amended, again, the translation:

Whatevers! in these sluggish times
That give nor joy nor shame to mull
The sole solution to our crimes:
The smiling rictus of the skull.

I think this is the finished version, although I dislike line two and would love to come up with a better.
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So, after an abortive search for an old piece of calligraphy I did based round the Verlaine "Quatrain" and in a week where I was dealing with arranging translations at work, I fell to thinking about attempting a translation myself.

Et voilĂ :

That was Tuesday. But all the next day there was something bugging me. Here's the Wednesday amendment:

Reads better, even if "smile" might be seen as weaker (and less accurate) than "laugh".

(Also on Wednesday, I started another knitted skull, which became Saturday's effort.)
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Busy week--and electricians at work on the house. (We still don't have enough sockets but the number of extension leads has diminished.)

Monday, I did this:
Skull silhouette on text background (!Quatrain" by Paul Verlaine)
The text is a poem (a long-time favourite) by Paul Verlaine, which set me thinking....
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And today a grouping of pre-knitted stuffed hexagons ("hexapuffs"):

A handful of knitted hexagons makes a skull

Don't look too close: I've not finished any of the ends!
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Late again (fighting with internet access):
Why shouldn't the rear get a look in too?
I was drawing from a tiny model skull that's the "bead" on the end of a knitting needle.
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Not my design, this comes courtesy of Alexander Rusch (chart here):
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Took the picture:
Piece of stone with the shadows just right.
Didn't get round to uploading it.
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Little time today, so I grabbed what I could from my desk. Plenty of different hardnesses of pencil and some graph paper:
Flat Skull Drawn on Graph Paper with Shadow Leading to Vanishing Point


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